Core Values

1. Be Authentic:
We value walking the talk and living the life, without hypocrisy and falsehood. This means living in purity, honesty, integrity, and in the fear of God, in everything that we do. Our love must be real. Our commitment must be strong. We must be reliable and dependable in church, at work, in school, in business, and in our communities. We must mean what we say and do what we mean! We must be faithful and true to God, to ourselves, and to our world. We must have the courage to be original and creative in everything that we do.

2. Be Strong:
We understand that God wants His children to be strong, to overcome their weaknesses, and to use every opportunity to grow in knowledge, wisdom and in useful power. Believers must depend on the strength of God and stand strong when others around them yield to discouragement, fear, and intimidation. We must be courageous in the midst of challenges, and we must never give up when under life’s pressure. We most overcome excuses for weaknesses and always look for reasons and opportunities to increase in strength

3. Be Prominent:
God wants His children to lead their trade, their fields, their society, and their world! God’s people must be good examples to others, wherever they are. The believer must live worthy of God’s great name and win the respect and admiration of others. We must avoid mediocre, and strive for excellence in everything that we do for God, for ourselves, and for others. The light of God’s people must be visible and clear for the world to see. God’s people belong on the hilltop, from where they are to bring the highest possible honor to God’s name!

4. Be Graceful:
We must be considerate of the needs of others in everything that we do. Believers must strive to help those that are in need, support those that are in weak, encourage those that are discouraged, and demonstrate true love for their neighbors, in line with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ

5. Serve gladly:
We must strive to make the world a better place, by serving God, the church, and our world gladly. We must strive to improve the lives of those around us, deliver the best possible quality in everything that we do, and make positive contributions to the needs of the world in which we live. We are to consider the opportunities to serve as privileges from God to allow us leave a positive mark on others. True humility demonstrated in the spirit of service is a virtue we must continue to cherish

6. Give generously:
We have to always consider ourselves channels of God’s blessings to our world. We are to enjoy God’s goodness, show appreciation to Him, and take initiatives to give generously to others. When giving in service to God, we do so with the understanding that only the best is good enough for His purpose. When necessary, we must give sacrificially. In giving to others, we must hold them in high regard, and give to impress our own hearts and consciences. We know that God rewards and blesses cheerful givers, and we give “as unto the Lord…”

7. Prosper in all areas:
We must strive to be fruitful in the Kingdom of God, prosper in spirit, soul, and body, in our studies, businesses, finances, marriages, career, life’s mission, churches, leisure, in skills, and in every other thing that we do. We must prosper wherever we are; whether in our place of birth or in a foreign country. We must defy stereotyping, defy circumstances, and defy other forms of limitations. We strive to prosper with the understanding that we can overcome prejudice and false assumptions about skin color, birthplace, class, social status, formal educational background, and other factors – we know that all things are possible with God!